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Speaking of winter blues…

let’s talk about Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue 

For over 20 years the Pantone Color Institute has declared a “color of the year”.  Each year we anticipate the color that will help influence product development and purchasing decisions in several industries, especially in the world of interior design.  This year’s color was announced as Classic Blue, “instilling calm, confidence, and connection” and “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation,” according to the Pantone website. 

There is a reason it’s called Classic Blue; this color can stand the test of time!  Don’t be afraid to introduce this beautifully bold color into your home.  

A statement table lamp next to a neutral sofa would add a wow factor to your space that you’ve been craving!  How about adding throw pillows to your bedding or sprinkling small accessories with blue details throughout your home? That could be just the punch you need!  Feeling the need for more? We would encourage you to consider incorporating the color with larger pieces of furniture, drapery panels, or wallpaper. 

Photo credit: Lee Industries  

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Beat the winter blues, the Yesterday’s Tree way

The fact is, we spend a lot more time cozied up in our homes during the winter months.  If you’re like us, I’m sure you begin looking for ways to warm up your home’s interior.  We have a few easy ways to add warmth to your home during the colder months of the year:

1.)    Let in more natural light!  Open those draperies, shutters, or blinds!  If you do not have a lot of natural light in a room, consider mirrors that will reflect light or even painting the walls a lighter color.

2.)    Seasonally change out a few easy, key pieces!  A way to bring color in would be to switch out pillows or throw blankets in your living room or bedroom.  Choose warmer colors or cozier fabrics to beat those winter blues.  Another way to change the feel of a home is by changing out a statement piece of artwork seasonally.  For example, if you have a fireplace with artwork above, consider switching out the artwork for a seasonal wreath, or  switching to another piece of artwork with warmer colors.

3.)    Decorate with plants!  Bring life into your home effortlessly with artfully displayed and well selected vegetation.  A plant will automatically bring life and warmth into a home.